JoongAng Fine Arts Prize Exhibition 2

These are more works by various artists.

They are all Korean artists and are quite famous in their areas.


JoonAng Fine Arts Prize Exhibition

2015-11-21 15.13.25

My girlfriend and I went to the Hangaram Design Museum, located at the Seoul Arts Center, in the afternoon to see the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize Exhibition. The atmosphere was quiet and there were only a number of people there. We went through the works one by one and collected our feelings and thoughts for later discussion.

Video Project #2 – Avengers

This is the final version of our video project.

Although it took us a long time, our team was very hard working and supportive of each other. I truly learned a lot about video editing, screenplay, and acting during in the process.

I thought of the scenario of small violence(#2 in the video) and acted in all 4 scenarios.

I hope to make better videos in the future!

Art Museum


I went to the National Museum of Modern Art with my girlfriend.

However I did not enjoy it as much as I expected. Many of the exhibitions

were too modern for me to fully understand.

This particular work was one which was not static. The table would tilt, moving the small metal balls on the plate.